Supporting the local neighbourhood

AGM at Hereward House, Margate 2018

We like to take an active role in supporting our local neighbourhood and in September 2018, we attended the AGM for Hereward House, a development of flats in Margate.

The building has been earmarked as in need of modernisation to bring it in keeping with the rest of the area which has been upgraded.  

This was a great opportunity for us to engage with the community, meet with leaseholders and the property’s management company.  We put forward some ideas on ways to improve the existing building and share ideas among the group.

Following the AGM, we all enjoyed a BBQ and some great British summer sun.   

We have since gone on to upgrade four of the flats within Hereward House, giving them a new lease of life and are looking at adding more to this in the near future.


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