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Helping proud home owners who are thinking about their retirement plan get more money for their property without paying any fees.

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Looking for a no-risk, profitable solution to unlock the potential value in your home?

You won’t experience the stress of having to deal with endless paperwork, red tape, and correspondence. Our proven process, developed since 2001, uses our expertise in planning and development to get you the most money for your property.


Our proven process to get more money for your property

Your options meeting

Meet with our lead buyer, Melissa Mayhew to talk through your needs.

Feasibility checks

We complete a series of checks on your behalf to establish suitability of your property and land

Your offer

We’ll give you your property valuation and discuss your selling options



We won’t charge you any fees, so there’s no risk to you. We cover all the costs of raising the value of your property.

Example Testimonial:
"Our whole experience with Maybank Homes was refreshing and completely stress free"
Mr & Mrs Smith
Busy Homeowners, East Kent

Discuss your selling options

Start a confidential, no-obligations meeting with Melissa, our lead buyer, who will call you back shortly.

Melissa Mayhew

Lead buyer - Maybank Homes

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