Who are Maybank?


The dedicated team at Maybank homes have been helping East Kent property owners unlock the potential value in their homes and land since 2001. We really know the business inside out.


Buying and transforming properties through expert design and planning


Over 50 clients delighted with the outcome we achieved with their property

What we do

  • Buy your property at a generous price, above market value
  • Offer a no-risk solution to unlocking the true value of your home
  • Complete the purchase of your property within a timescale that suits your needs
  • Remove all stress and hassle by handling the whole process from start to finish
  • Maximise the potential of your property to make it highly desirable

How we do it

You’ll always get a generous offer above market value from us because our property experts know how to recognise the potential in every property to unlock its maximum value.

Developing a property beyond its existing potential is a complex process that we have mastered over nearly 20 years. We have built strong relationships with hundreds of experts over the years, allowing us to refine and smooth the process and remove the stress from you.

You’ll get a completely managed, no-risk solution to selling your property assets, helping you to achieve the very best results.

Our approach to design


Visualising your property's unique qualities and using them to maximise potential


By developing great properties, we're able to pay you the best price for your property


Fantastic design right down to the finest details

Example Testimonial:
“Maybank Homes purchased our home at a very generous value which gave us the funds we needed to embark on our retirement and enjoy life to the full.”
Mr Moneypenny, East Kent
Retired, Property Owner

Discuss your selling options

Start a confidential, no-obligations meeting with Melissa, our lead buyer, who will call you back shortly.

Melissa Mayhew

Lead buyer - Maybank Homes

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