Overcoming challenges for family inheritors in Manston Road, Ramsgate Kent

Maybank Homes Margate Road Ramsgate after 03

We are proud to have developed this light and airy family home with stylish contemporary design and high quality finish. We hope the new owners will have many happy years living here.

Fast and total transformation

Our strong local relationships led us to this development opportunity with the shared owners of an inherited property who were in need of help.

The mortgaged property was owned by a group of siblings, some of whom were still living in it and had shared responsibility for the upkeep and mortgage payments.

The family needed to unlock the value of the property and yet previous construction works had not been carried out in accordance with Building Control which meant the house was not mortgage-able, making it difficult to sell – and they did not have the capital available to develop it.

Maybank were able to offer a price that the owners found fair and we agreed to purchase the property.

The sellers wanted a fixed sale date to enable those siblings still living in the property to find new accommodation and minimise their moving costs. Maybank were able to agree a future sale date and exchanged contracts early to give them the security of sale that they needed.

The house has now been fully modernised and as the photos show, transformed, for sale to a family.

Next steps

  • The land to the side will be developed into a new 2 bedroom house and rented at market rent.
  • The property at the rear will be used as storage.
  • This case study will be updated again as the next stage of work progresses.

Discuss your selling options

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Melissa Mayhew

Lead buyer - Maybank Homes

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